Environmentally Friendly Car Servicing

Environmentally Friendly Car Servicing

When you take one step towards your car’s maintenance, we take two: one for your car and another for the environment. We are conscious of the impact a car workshop has on the environment. That’s why we follow environmentally friendly practices to close the loop of waste without compromising your car’s health.

At Kismet Mechanical, we make sure that the waste generated during a typical car service is either recycled or disposed of responsibly, meeting or exceeding recognized industry standards.

And we keep looking for new and better ways to minimize the environmental impact that a car service has.

Did you know that one litre of used engine oil could pollute a million litres of water? The same holds true of other car fluids, such as coolant, brake oil, transmission oil, etc. When we service your car, we collect used fluids in a separate container and transport to a treatment facility where they take a new form or disposed of, posing no harm to the environment.

Spillage happens at every workshop, but our purpose-built drains direct the spillage to sewer, through an oil separator. These drains are checked and cleaned regularly to remove gunk and debris.

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Car Battery Recycling

Car batteries contain hazardous, corrosive chemicals. These chemicals can cause serious harm when released into the environment without proper treatment.

If you have an old battery that’s no longer functional, bring it to us. We’d be happy to recycle it for free.

What We Do

what we do

Using advanced diagnostic tools, we check vehicles for poor emissions, excessive misfires and fuel consumption. Misfires not only cause harm to your car’s exhaust system but also release large amounts of CO2 into the environment.

what we do

We envision a world that is more connected to nature. We don’t want to leave a footprint on our environment; we would love to leave it cleaner for the next generation”

And we do our bit by taking strict recycling measures.

  • a) In the workshop –
    • Scrap metal from parts, such as brake discs and suspension components
    • Used tyres
    • Used oil
    • Used coolant and other fluids
    • Contaminated fuels
  • b) In the office –
    • Waste paper and cardboard
    • Print cartridges
    • Minimal Water and Energy Consumption

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what we do

Hybrid and electric cars offer a glimpse into the future, and we are doing our best to keep up. At Kismetmechanical, we specialise in electronic testing, diagnosis, servicing, and repair work for hybrid and electric vehicles.

what we do

We use non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions for all car wash and detailing jobs.

what we do

We take stern measures to reduce our workshop’s overall power consumption. We replaced fluorescent lights with energy-efficient LED lights. We have also installed eco-friendly heat pumps in place of conventional, power-hungry fan heaters.

what we do

At Kismetmechanical, all our service and repair works comply with the Motor Trade Association’s environmental rules and regulations.

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