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3 Tips to Avoid Car AC Breakdown

An air conditioning system is a standard feature in cars. However, it won’t be wrong to call it a necessity. Driving without a functional AC during the scorching Australian summers is like sitting inside the oven.
Imagine your car’s AC stops working on the hottest day of the year, and you are still 50 miles away from your destination.
To help you avoid such situations, our AC mechanic of Leichhardt has come up with three AC maintenance tips that every car owner swears by.
#1 Clean the condenser
The condenser is located exactly behind the front bumper. You can see it through the bumper grill. The fins of the condenser may get clogged up with dirt and debris. Over time, the dirt can become rigid and restrict the airflow. Therefore, it is important to clean the condenser regularly. The best way to do that would be using a garden hose or any pressure washer at the lowest pressure setting.
#2 Avoid running it on full blast
Australian summers can be really harsh, and you may be tempted to run your AC full blast. Doing so will make the compressor work harder. While this may not be a concern with brand new cars, it can lead to compressor breakdown in older cars. If your car’s AC is not cooling adequately, running it at full blast may not be the best solution. Have a mechanic look into the problem. There’s more to it than what meets the eye.
#3 Check the electric fan
The electric fan kicks in as soon as you turn on the AC, in order to offset the increase in the engine temperature due to extra load. When the engine is cold, pop up the hood and try to spin the fan by hand to see if it rotates freely. The fan shouldn’t spin too hard or too freely. If it does, have a mechanic look into it to avoid overheating problems.
In case you face any issue with your car’s AC, we are here to provide 24 hour air conditioning repair in Sydney. If you feel your AC isn’t cooling properly, bring your car to us and have the issue fixed for the lowest price possible.

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