Car mechanic marrickville

The worst thing about cars is that they tend to breakdown, but fortunately, there’s always a fix.

If you are in the middle of a car breakdown, don’t stress out. Give us a call and one of our mechanics of Marrickville will reach you with the tools and spares needed to perform on-site repairs. In case on-site repair is not feasible, we will take your car to our nearest workshop and fix it while you run your important errands in our courtesy car.

Car Service Marrickville

Going for the car service at Marrickville dealerships can be an expensive affair, and you almost never get to see what’s going on behind the scenes. But when you get your car serviced at Kismet Mechanical, not only do you save a great deal of money but also get to watch your car being serviced.

We build strong relationships with our customers by making our operations completely transparent to them.

When it comes to car service in Marrickville, there’s no model or make that we don’t service. From prestigious BMWs and Jaguars to economical Hondas and Toyotas, we are fully equipped to service these cars to dealership standards.

Tyre Repair & Wheel Alignment Marrickville

Tyres are expensive, and replacing them every 6 months or so doesn’t make sense. Under normal driving conditions, regular wheel alignment can prolong your tyres’ life for up to 4 years.

Kismet Mechanical uses laser wheel alignment machine that enables our mechanics to align all four wheels in a straight line. And rest assured that with laser precision, there’s no room for error.

Pink Slip Marrickville

If your car registration is due for renewal, and you are required to have a qualified pink slip inspection report to proceed, visit Kismet Mechanical today.

We are certified to provide pink slip inspection in Marrickville for all types of cars. In case your car fails the inspection due to some broken parts, we will fix it right away to make your car eligible for another inspection.

Drive by our workshop or give us a call to book an appointment and save time.

24 Hour Emergency Mobile Mechanics Sydney, Call Now : 0412040463

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