Car Mechanic Sydenham

Your car doesn’t feel and drive the same. Sometimes, it even stalls or won’t crank up. If you are clueless about what’s going wrong, bring it to us for proper diagnosis and reliable repair solutions. Our car mechanic in Sydenham will put your car on a two-post lift to look around and underneath to get to the root cause and fix it in the most affordable way possible.

Car Repair Services Sydenham

When it comes to car repair services in Sydenham, we employ experienced mechanics with a can-do attitude who always manage to fix your car in the cheapest way possible.

Unlike dealership service centres, we don’t recommend part replacement as long as it’s repairable. We work hard to fix things rather replacing them altogether, so you can save money for other important things in life.

Our car repair services cover engine components, gearbox and all things electrical. If your car has clocked over 150k miles and feels sluggish to drive, we can overhaul the engine to give it a new lease of life.

Facing overheating issues? Whether it’s something as small as a bad radiator cap or as major as a blown-out head gasket, our mechanics can diagnose the problem as soon as they pop the hood. And when it comes to repairs, we give you a quote and turnaround time beforehand so that there are no surprises for later.

Wheel Alignment Sydenham

When was the last time you had your wheel alignment done? If it’s been over 6 months, it’s about time you stop in this weekend for Laser wheel alignment in Sydenham.

Wheel alignment at Kismet Mechanical is not only affordable, but it’s also performed before your eyes. And when we are done, your vehicle will drive straight like an arrow.

Pink Slip Sydenham

Kismet Mechanical is authorised to perform pink slip inspection and deem your car fit for NSW roads. We issue a pink slip in Sydenham within 24 hours of the inspection to let you proceed to the next step of registration renewal quickly.
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