Radiator Repairs Specialist in Sydney

Engine overheating is the most common sign of a bad radiator, and a significant drop in the coolant level is another tell-tale sign of the impending engine damage. Visit Kismet Mechanical anytime for radiator repairs in Sydney. After a thorough analysis, we will detect problematic components and fix them to get your radiator to work as efficiently as ever.

Maybe it’s not the radiator. It could be the thermostat that’s not functioning properly. Whatever be the issue with your cooling system, we will fix it to save you from expensive engine repairs.

Radiator Repairs Services Alexandria

An inefficient cooling system can cause severe damage to your engine and attract expensive repairs, like head gasket replacement. Kismet Mechanical specialises in all models and makes, from Japanese hatchbacks to European luxuries. All repairs are carried out using advanced equipment to ensure your peace of mind.

If the radiator is damaged beyond repairs, we will arrange a new radiator and install it according to your car’s factory settings.

Sydney Radiator Specialist

Kismet Mechanical is an Alexandria-based radiator specialist that repairs all types of radiators and provides regular cleaning and coolant top-offs as well.

When was the last time you had your radiator cleaned? If it’s been more than a year, visit Kismet Mechanical today for an affordable radiator cleaning service and avoid engine overheating altogether.

Have a question regarding radiator repairs in Sydney? Feel free to speak to one of our specialists.

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