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4 Tips to Prolong Your Tyres’ Life

How long will your tyres last? There’s no definite answer to this question because the life of tyres depends on your driving habits and exposure to environmental conditions. It also depends on the quality of the rubber. No matter how expensive tyres you may buy, they won’t last as intended to be unless you take proper care of them.
Our Glebe mechanic offers 4 tips that can help you prolong the life of your tyres by up to 20%. No exaggeration.
#1 Check tyre pressure regularly
Most modern cars come with a ‘Low Tyre Pressure’ dashboard warning indicator that alerts and reminds the driver to check air pressure. If you are solely relying on the warning light, you are making a mistake because the warning light comes on when the tyre pressure drops below the 75% of recommended pressure, which is too low for any car to be driven around. Get your tyre pressure checked every three weeks to avoid under-inflation and damage.
#2 Tyre Rotation is a Must
Did you know that your front tyres wear out faster than the rear ones? – unless you drive an RWD car and give it a whirl occasionally. Even in a 4WD vehicle, the amount of wear and tear that each tyre takes is different from the rest. Therefore, to ensure even tread wear, consider rotating tyres every 5000 kilometers or when your tyres are due for wheel alignment.
#3 Wheel Alignment
If your car pulls to either side while driving, it’s about time to get the wheel alignment done. When your wheels fall out of alignment, they tend to wear out unevenly and prematurely. Wheel alignment should be done once a year or maybe every 6 months if you aren’t careful enough when driving through potholes or over speed bumps.
#4 Protect from the sun
Extended exposure to direct sunlight can cause your tyres to develop cracks on the sidewall. These cracks can spread so quickly that you may have to discard the tyres despite the minimal tread wear. If possible, park your car in the shade. This will also protect the paintwork.
In case you are facing any trouble related to your tyres, our 24 hour tyre service in Sydney is here to assist you.

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