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5 common car problems you can fix on your own

Owning a car comes with hard work to keep it in good condition. While you might call an expert as soon as you feel something wrong with the vehicle, there are a few things you can do yourself for quick temporary remedy.

Whether you are a new car owner or an experienced one, here is a post dedicated to all of you so you can fix your car efficiently to some extent in an emergency. Read on!

  • Flat tyre

One of the easiest things that a car owner can fix on his own is a flat tyre, considering that you have a spare tyre in the back.

With the right tools and a little practice & experience, you can easily change your tyre and spare yourself the horror of waiting for hours for someone to come to your aid.

  • Take care of small dents and scratches

Minor dents are quite easy to fix, and even a non-professional can take care of such car repair in Sydney.

All you need is sandpaper, cream paste, plastic tools and auto body fillers to fill in and smoothen the dent, leaving it as good as new. Try it on a few of the dings, and soon you’ll master it.

  • Oil change

Running on burnt or low oil will take a heavy toll on your car’s engine, which will eventually lower your vehicle’s longevity.

The ideal time for an oil change is between 3000-5000 miles. Take a look at your owner’s manual to learn more about where to find the oil storage, how to change it, and when to change it.

  • Filter change

Along with the oil, both the cabin and engine air filters will need replacement as well so you can breathe pure air inside your car.

For the engine air filter, reach for the air filter box and then open it. Replace the old filter with a new one and then securely close the box. Now for the cabin filters, use your owner’s manual to locate the filter, replace the old one with a new filter, and your work is done.

  • Leaking radiator

With a leaking radiator, trying to fix it is going to do no good for you. That said, you must replace the whole thing by removing the remaining coolant first. Then install the new radiator and fill it again with the coolant mixture.

  • Dead battery

There are two ways to deal with this problem. You can either replace the battery and let the dead one charge while the other is in use or you could use a jump pack to charge the battery within minutes. Pick an option which works best for you.

However, if you need further instance, do take your vehicle for car inspection in Sydney.

Driving a car isn’t only pleasure and fun as it comes with a set of responsibilities you can’t let go. Make sure that you master these tasks so you can be independent in times of distress. Good luck!


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