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5 things your mechanic would like to tell you, but wouldn’t

Do you really listen to what your mechanic tries to explain to you or you just leave him with the car and attend to your other business?

If that’s you, then you need to understand that such behaviour won’t help you in any way.

We had a chat with several leading car mechanics in Sydney, and they had a lot to say about what they would like to tell their customers but won’t out of courtesy.

Before you take your car for servicing the next time, here is what you must know! Read on.


  • Bring in a clean car

Irrespective of the service you want to avail at the workshop, make sure that you bring in a clean car.

If it’s a fix on the interiors such as electrical works or more, make sure that your smelly socks and used tissues aren’t staring in the professional’s face during your Ashfield car service.


  • Let us do our job!

Hovering over the mechanic, taking a peek every few minutes and asking non-stop questions will only cut short the service.

Like any other professional, the mechanic needs their peace of mind and space to diagnose the problem and provide you with the best solution. However, continuous hovering or interfering with their job like telling them what and how to do will lead to poor service, and you will be the one to blame!


  • Take an appointment

Like you, several other car owners also care about their vehicle and would like the mechanic to pay immediate attention to their car. That’s why the concept of appointment is highly prevalent.

Take an appointment and visit the garage on time so the mechanic doesn’t begin with some other vehicle’s service due to your delay. Also, it would help in avoiding any conflict.


  • Not every mechanic workshop is the same

For instance, you might need to get your radiator fixed, oil and filter changed and wheels aligned. The workshop you visited had the means to offer incredible service in the first two areas but couldn’t help you with the third one since they don’t have the machine for it.

Instead of lashing out on the mechanics, or showing them that they have an under-equipped garage, wouldn’t it be better if you take your car to another workshop?


  • Understand the basics and do the right thing.

Accept your mistakes

Blaming the car’s poor condition on your mechanic won’t help your case.

Always keep an eye for the warning signs and bring your vehicle for car repairs in Sydney as soon as you spot something wrong with it. Remember, you are the one driving so the mechanic cannot be blamed.

Hope this post helped you understand the mechanic’s perspective and you will be a more empathetic person the next time you visit them for a car service.

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