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6 Things to check after every car service

Car owners pay significant attention to the problems arising in their vehicle, which is why they rush to the mechanics too.

However, how many of you take a minute to make sure that the mechanics have effectively solved the problems? Well, the majority is going to be pretty low, and that’s where we invite bigger car risks and bills in our direction.

Before you leave with your vehicle from the workshop, here are some things that you must check. Read on!

  • Fluid level

From the coolant to the brake fluid, your vehicle should be nicely lubricated.

Low lubrication will damage several parts which will cost you significantly in the next car service. Make sure that your car mechanic in Leichhardt has changed the engine oil and air filter along with topping up the fluid levels to their recommended level.

  • Tyre inflation

Underinflated tyres will make you change them way earlier than your imagination.

Before you leave the workshop, check the tyre inflation to get the underinflation or overinflation taken care of. Also, make sure that the tyres on your vehicle at the moment are yours only. Several cases of tyres swapping have been recorded in the service centres, so check thoroughly.

  • Cleanliness

A crucial part of the car service is cleanliness.

If your car service centre has simply repaired the vehicle and rendered it serviced, then you are paying way more than what you are getting. Your vehicle should be thoroughly cleaned too. If it doesn’t look clean and tidy, take up the issue with the service centre right away.

  • Your belongings

It’s common for belongings to get misplaced in a workshop. The best way to ensure otherwise is by keeping your belongings and tool kits at home.

But if you left your belongings in the car, make sure that none of it is missing.

  • Job sheet

The job sheet signifies the several repairs and refills that the mechanic has completed on your vehicle. This list plays a crucial role in deciding the final payment, so make sure that you go through the job sheet thoroughly.

Many car owners believe the word of the mechanic and sometimes end up paying more. Along with general services, check for the specialised ones as well such as transmission inspection, pink slip in Sydney and more. Make sure that you pay only for what you received and nothing more.

  • Take a test drive

The final step before paying for the service is a test drive.

Take your vehicle for a spin to see whether your listed problems have been solved or not. This way, you’ll know what more needs to be repaired and how much should you pay.

An excellent car service is never an expense; it’s an investment, and it’s your job to make sure that your vehicle has received proper repairs and servicing. Keep these pointers in mind when you visit the mechanic shop next time.

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