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Car maintenance is no rocket science. Today’s modern cars are very user friendly and almost talk to the driver.All these cars need is a bit of attention and TLC.Most of the present day cars have OBD Systems installed and they regularly monitor the car’s engine management system and transmit the data and information to the driver of the vehicle via the dash board.Log books and maintenance schedules advise the driver on the up keep of the motor vehicle.If schedule service is carried out on regular basis, it minimizes the problems and costs of maintenance.It is often found people disregard the warnings on the car and end up paying unnecessarily more for fixing it. A few prime examples coming to mind are as follows
1. Drive belts and Pulleys.
2.Brakes and discs
3 Engine oil levels and oil change
4.Tyres and wheel alignment
5.Suspensions including shocks and control arms
If all these are checked on regular intervals , it can save massive amounts of money and keep the car in good condition and also road worthy.
If you have any concerns about these issues, we suggest a quick visit to your regular mechanic or call Kismet Mechanical 24/7 on 0412040463 for a free consultation over the phone.
Safe driving-Remember some is waiting for you at home.

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