Car Mechanic Five Dock

Kismet Mechanical has the tools, skills and experience to handle all types of electrical and mechanical car troubles under the sun.

Driving an old car will always keep you on your toes. There’s always one thing or the other breaking down, leading to a bitter-sour ownership experience.

Kismet Mechanical not only troubleshoots the problem at hand but also alerts you on unforeseeable issues before they strike in the wrong place, at a wrong time.

We understand that cars can breakdown anywhere, anytime. That is why we are always prepared. No matter where in Five Dock area, our mobile mechanic will locate you and help you get out of the pickle as soon as possible.

When facing car trouble, feel free to contact Kismet Mechanical for mobile assistance.

Car Service Five Dock

Every car owner that comes to us for logbook service drives back home happy and satisfied because we make their car drive and feel like new.

Here’s what you gain from our logbook service:

  • 1. The engine feels quieter and smoother to rev as we replace the burnt-out engine oil with the fresh one. We use manufacturer-recommended oil to ensure optimum performance. Or you can ask for synthetic oil if you like to go fast and far.
  • 2. The throttle feels more responsive as we replace the clogged up air filter with a new one.
  • 3. Your car’s interiors will feel like new and exteriors will shine better after a meticulous detailing.
  • 4. The steering will feel more accurate and your car will drive in a straight line after wheel alignment.

Besides all this, if there’s anything you’d like us to look into, feel free to bring that up while we prepare the job card.

Pink Slip Five Dock

If you want to keep your car and drive it every day even after its registration has expired, you are required to get a pink slip from an authorised mechanic.

Kismet Mechanical can issue a pink slip after a thorough inspection of your vehicle to make sure meets roadworthy standards as defined by NSW Roads and Maritime Services.

If your vehicle fails to meet the standards due to some issues or worn-out parts, we’ll fix or replace them altogether to help your vehicle qualify the next inspection.

Get in touch with us for all kinds of car-related repairs, service and inspections.

24 Hour Emergency Mobile Mechanics Sydney, Call Now : 0412040463

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