Car Mechanic Petersham

With increasing reliance on electronics, modern cars have become more complex than ever. That’s why it is important to get your car serviced and repaired by experienced mechanics who possess the right tools and skills for the job. And you’ll have the peace of mind that your car is in safe hands.

Kismet Mechanical has a well-equipped facility for fixing all kinds of car troubles. Our Petersham-based mechanics are always on call to offer mobile repair and roadside assistance in case you are stuck with a stalled vehicle.

We provide dealership-level repair and service using genuine parts and manufacturer-recommended tools in order to protect your vehicle’s warranty.

Car Service Petersham

Kismet Mechanical offers quality logbook service at affordable rates. While we use the recommended engine oil and other consumables, our labour charges are highly competitive and always cheaper than the dealership.

We will service your car on a two-post lift in order to have a 360-degree view of the problems and gain easy access to every part for efficient repairs. Also, we dispose of used engine oil, coolant and other car fluids in an environmentally friendly manner.

If you are not happy with your current service provider, visit us to experience the difference.

Pink Slip Petersham

Kismet Mechanical is a registered car service centre and an authorised pink slip inspector. Pink slip inspection is mandatory for cars that are over 5 years old to be deemed roadworthy in NSW.

We help car owners get a pink slip in Petersham to facilitate registration renewal process. A thorough inspection of your vehicle will be conducted at our facility, and in case your vehicle doesn’t qualify, we can fix all those issues to help your vehicle pass.

Visit us any day of the week for car repair in Petersham.

24 Hour Emergency Mobile Mechanics Sydney, Call Now : 0412040463

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