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Car safety is a concern for all motorists. Unfortunately most of the motorists are partially aware of of the car safety principles , yet they are not familiar with most of them.

Kismet mechanical wishes all motorists to beware of the vehicle safety for themselves and other road users.

a few key points to address are here below.

Check tyre , tread & air pressure properly. If the tread is low or tyre is older than 5 years , replace immediately

Check car for oil leaks regularly. Park car at same spot and watch for any oil spots on the surface when car is moved from there.

Have the service schedule up to date as , service dosen’t only maintain your car, but also a good mechanic will pick up anything which requires attention that will make your car roadworthy and save you lot of money if the problem is nipped in the bud.

Check water & oil level of the car at least once a fortnight.

Brakes should be serviced regularly and checked with every service as should your suspension , shock & tyres.

Ensure your restraining belts are safe as they shall be asafety concern in any event of an accident.

Check your car registration & insurance documents regularly , ensuring you are legally compliant and covered.

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