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How crucial is the air filter to your car’s performance?

Before I get down to touting the significance of an air filter, let me give you the backstory. Grab your popcorns if you will.

An air filter is one of the important components of the air intake assembly that filters out dirt and debris from the air that goes into the engine for combustion. The engine’s combustion chambers are highly sensitive to any foreign material, apart from the fuel and air mixture.

Ask any mechanic in Leichhardt and they will tell you that the engine cannot handle even the smallest grain of dirt or debris, which is why an air filter is put in place to keep the particulates out.

The paper-based air filter has pleats similar to an Accordion. It is designed in such a manner to create a maximum surface area for trapping dirt particles and ensure maximum airflow. Once the pleated fabric of the air filter has been saturated with dirt, it will no longer be able to ensure the desired airflow. As a result, there won’t be sufficient air to burn the fuel, and the engine will run rich. This means the fuel efficiency will drop and so will the performance.

The health of the air filter is crucial to your car’s performance. A clogged up air filter makes it difficult for your car to breathe properly and as a coping mechanism, your car starts to act out.

Our mechanic recommends changing the air filter at every logbook car service to give you maximum fuel efficiency and performance. If you are planning to get your car serviced in Balmain, visit Kismet Mechanical for the dealership level service at the fraction of the cost.

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