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There seems to be a great confusion between the Blue and Pink slip.
W are trying to unravel the mystery.It is not all that complicated as one thinks,once one understands them , like most of other things .
In NSW it is a law, before registering any car, the car has to go to an authorized Blue slip inspection station to get a blue slip. The inspector of the Blue slip station has to thoroughly check the car for it’s vehicle identification number and the chassis number. Blue slip inspector has to visually site the VIN and Engine numbers of the car. Once the numbers are checked, then the inspector has to check the car for roadworthy condition. The car has to fully comply to satisfy the inspector , who has to follow the book and any mistakes made can be costly .Generally things as tyres, suspension,wipers, lights,brakes,seat belts and modification, exhaust etc are checked thoroughly. Once all is correct then the Blue slip is issued and car can by registered in NSW . After blue slip vendor has to buy green-slip and submit both documents to RMS and get a registration for the car.


Pink slips is mandatory annual check every vehicle which is on NSW roads has to have. To get a pink slip the owner has to present the car to Pink slip inspector for a road worthy check. The inspector shall follow the guidelines as per the book from RMS and has to comply fully. The purpose of a pink slip is to check if the vehicle which is going to be registered on NSW, is completely safe and is not a danger for anyone on the road. Once the inspector is satisfied , he shall issue a pink slip and after buying green slip the car can be registered at any RMS

There are severe penalties to drive unregistered cars on NSW roads and our NSW police is very Pro active in compliance matters.

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