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Driver Safety Tips

When it comes to driving, safety is the top priority especially for the person behind the wheel – the driver. Here are some driver safety tips for you to remember and consider:

  • Do not drive if you are fatigued.
    • A driver should always be attentive on the road at all times. Being tired will contribute to the risks of meeting an accident. Take time to rest if you feel tired enough to be unfit to drive your car.
  • Have proper rest stops for 5 mins every 2 hours.
    • Ready for long hours of driving? Make sure that you have time to rest every two hours during the trip.
  • Keep your eyes always on the road and hands on the steering.
    • Focus is the short term for this safety tip
  • Avoid distractions like phones etc
    • It is essential that you are not distracted when you are driving. If you have to take a call or make a text with your phone, bring your car to a proper and complete stop then and only then you can use your phone.
  • Keep distance from traffic ahead by following 3 second rule.
    • Make sure that you maintain distance with the vehicle in front of you. At a stop, counting 3 seconds before moving will clear enough distance for you to stop your car.
  • Give clear indications while merging in and out of traffic.
    • The use of signal lights is essential to warn nearby vehicles of your direction especially on merging traffic.
  • During slippery conditions allow double the distance of braking and maintain extra distance from the car ahead of you.
    • During the winter, the roads are slippery and it pays to maintain additional distance from what you are used to. This gives you more time to stop as what you car needs.
  • At expressways, when in doubt, keep carrying on until you get to a safe place to stop.
    • When having trouble about directions in an expressway, always consider not stopping in the middle of the road. Find a safe place mostly on the far sides of the expressway before doing something else.
  • Don’t drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
    • This tip has been on every driver safety list for just about forever. No further explanation needed.
  • Finally, if you keep your car maintained to the best of standards – you will have a safe trip.
    • Bring your car to Kismet Mechanical and we will make it ready for the road and for any travel that you might have in mind. Having the right car service and the right people to do is the best thing to do and Kismet Mechanical is just that plus more.
  • Always keep safe and remember, there is someone is waiting for you at home.

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