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Fuel costs are among other high expenses while running a car. To get optimum fuel efficiency, following guides will be helpful

  1. Keep tyres inflated to correct pressure
  2. Do not force speed and force stop. Gradual speeding and slowing helps. 60- 80 kilometers/hour will give good fuel averages.
  3. Have the cars serviced and tuned up at regular intervals.
  4. Keep air filters clean at best of times.
  5. Have spark plugs replaced at correct intervals.
  6. Air conditioning and having windows down can increase fuel consumption.
  7. Overloading the cars can have an impact on consumption of fuel.
  8. Pulling heavier loads like boats etc can effect the fuel consumption.
  9. Quality of fuel put in the car does effect the consumption.
  10. For hesitance on this matter see your regular mechanic or contact kismet mechanical on 0412040463

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