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How to Optimise Gas Consumption

In order to achieve the maximum and best gas consumption for your vehicle, following the tips below will increase your chances of achieving this goal:
Check all gas systems are fully maintained, and regularly serviced.

– This includes taking your car to a car service shop like Kismet Mechanical to get the fuel lines and other essential parts of your gas systems up and running in good condition.
Air filter is clean.

– This auto part can be fairly easy to check and service. When you see that there are dirt and smudge trap in the air intake of the air filter, remove it first before cleaning. Also make sure that you clean the air intake valve of the engine where the filter is placed. Use can use water and soap to clean the air filter.
The tyre pressure is kept on specified rating.

– This is an easy yet very effective way to maximize your km/liter. Having the right tyre pressure means that you car is running in its optimum height and weight. You will get the best feel of your driving when you do this. Having the correct tire pressure can be done by knowing the right pressure gauge for your car tyre. This can be done through your nearest gas station or through your local car service shop.
Do not drive car with intense and sudden acceleration.

– Gas consumption is primarily attributed on how fast a car is used on the road. With greater speed and acceleration, the more gas is consumed. You can counter this effect when you manage how you accelerate you car. Be efficient with your acceleration. Don’t be too slow and don’t be too fast.
Regular stop and start to be avoided, also city driving reduces gas average.

– When a car is stuck in heavy traffic, it consumes gas even when not moving and thus increases its gas consumption. Stop and start is common is common in this situation. Avoiding heavy traffic areas as much as possible is the best solution without sacrificing the distance of travel that much.

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