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Here’s How to Deal with 3 Serious Car Troubles

A car has over 30,000 components. Any component could fail anytime and create a problem for you. Car troubles are progressive, which means one component failure could lead to another and suddenly, your vehicle comes to a complete stop.
If you can’t avoid car trouble, you can at least be prepared for it. Our mechanic of Newtown has seen and fixed almost all types of car troubles. So, here he comes up with the best ways to deal with a car problem that may have caught you off guard, especially when immediate help is not available.
#1 Coolant Leakage
If you notice a puddle of coolant underneath your car, it’s a telltale sign that there’s a leak somewhere in the system. Ideally, you should call in a mobile mechanic for emergency car repair, but in case you are far beyond their service radius, fill the radiator with water and whisk off to the nearest mechanic. If it’s a small leakage, you should be able to reach the mechanic before running out of coolant. It is important to maintain the coolant level even if it means making multiple stops for a top off along the way.
#2 Overheating
For some reason, you did not notice the coolant leakage or the cooling fan didn’t kick in as it should. And the dashboard overheating warning light comes on. What to do now? The first thing to do is pull over, pop up the hood and allow the engine to cool down. Wait for at least 10 minutes and then open the radiator cap to check the coolant level. If the coolant has dropped below the recommended level, follow the steps as mentioned in the above paragraph.
If the coolant level is fine, then there’s something else: perhaps, a thermostat stuck close, faulty electric fan or relay, etc. In such a scenario, if you must drive, consider turning on your cabin fan at full blast without turning on the AC. Set the temperature to maximum and adjust the AC vents away from yourself. Roll down the windows and drive away to the nearest mechanic.
#3 Flat tyre or dead battery
You can’t go far with a flat tyre, but you can’t even crank the motor with a dead battery. In either case, you know you have no choice but to call someone for help, unless you know how to change tyres. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, here’s what you can do. Always carry a foot air pump in your boot so that you can inflate your tyre just enough to drive up to the nearest mechanic. And for the battery, always carry jumper cables. 5 out of 10 car drivers would stop and help you jumpstart.

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