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How to fix Cold Start for Gas Vehicles

In event of gas cars not starting in cold temperatures like during the winter or through a cold night where the car is exposed to, then carry out the following procedure to get your car starting and get it running on the road again:

Check that your car has enough water

– Check if the radiator is filled with the right amount of water.

Turn the ignition switch to hear any noise from the solenoids.

– Hearing unfamiliar noise from the solenoids would mean that the battery is not sending enough voltage to this engine    part. The battery either needs recharging or the connections to the solenoid needs cleaning.

Check if the plungers are working alright and the stepper motor is ok.

– In checking the plungers would determine if the fuel is properly being delivered to the engine especially for engine start. Cleaning this part of replacing it would be the best thing to do if this part is not working properly.  On the other hand, checking the stepper motor is likely attributed to the batter as well. During ignition, if the stepper motor is not rotating you can blame it either to the connection between it and the batter or the battery being discharge,

Use car by cleaner as fuel substitute.

– If the fuel intake is not enough you can use fuel substitute to get the engine to start. Be careful when dealing with highly flammable material like fuel.
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