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Keep the maintenance overheads of your older car in check. Here’s how.

The older a car gets, the higher will be its upkeep. While this is true of all vehicles, most people dread the maintenance overheads of premium German cars. This is the reason why words are thrown around not to buy an old German car because its maintenance will drain your pocket dry.

If you are keen on buying a used premium German car but you are dreading the purchase because of the reason mentioned above, here’s something you should know.

There’s no denying that a German car service in Ashfield goes heavy on your wallet, and it costs a fortune if a part goes kaput. However, you can avoid the large expenses and still be able to enjoy the luxury, comfort, performance and all the bells and whistles that a German car carries. How? Visit Kismet Mechanical instead of going to the dealership service centre.

Kismet Mechanical has everything that it takes to service or repair premium German cars to dealership standards but without the extravagant cost. Modern German cars are equipped with electronics and computer chips that require specialised software, and we are fully equipped to handle all of it. We use OEM parts and manufacturer recommended tools to make sure you enjoy the lavish experience without having to spend lavishly on the maintenance.

When you visit us, our car mechanic in Sydenham will provide a quote upfront so that there are no surprises for later.

How can you minimise maintenance overheads with us?

Just like any dealership service centre, we use the OEM air filter, oil filter, coolant and recommended synthetic engine oil to service your vehicle. But unlike them, we are a locally owned and operated business. Since we do not have to maintain a large corporate presence, our labour charges are quite nominal as compared to them.

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