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Know about Car Dynamics

If you are having problems with your vehicle with any of the listed issues below, follow some of these basic car services:

Car shaking at speeds of 80 km/hr, without applying brakes?

      – This means you have a problem with your tyres. It can be bubble in the tyre, tread worn out, or tyre needs wheel balancing.

Car shakes at the speeds of 80 km/hr upon applying brakes

      – Get your disc rotors and braked checked immediately.

To get the optimum performance from your tyres

     – Keep them inflated to the right specifications as recommended in your manual.

The best time to inflate your tyres is when they are cold.

     – Inflating car when they are hot will not give you the right air pressure measurements and thus limit the performance of both the tyres and the car itself.

If your tread is wearing out, you must get a wheel alignment done.

      – Steering of a car is an essential part of safety. Making sure that these are running in good condition for optimal use.

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