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A no non-sense guide to buying new tyres for your old car

If your car is 4 years or older, you are soon going to need new tyres. Probably you are thinking of buying a new set of tyres right now.

Here’s the thing. When you bought your car brand new, you had no choice but to run factory tyres that came along with the car. But when it comes to replacing the worn-out rubber, the market is full of options. All you need to do is explore.

This blog will help you get familiar with your options so that you can buy tyres that perfectly align with your needs.

While there’s a wide range of tyres available on the market, all of them can be grouped into the following three categories.

#1 High-performance tyres that wear out quickly but offer a superior grip. Although these are expensive, they can withstand any amount of abuse as long as they have adequate tread left. Ideal for sports cars, drag races, etc.

#2 Regular high-speed tyres that last long and offer a moderate-to-superior grip. They are cheaper than high-performance tyres and are ideal for family cars that are usually driven over 100 miles an hour. If you are looking for discount car tyres in Sydney in this category, Kismet Mechanical has diverse options for you.

#3 Ordinary tyres that may last long when driven in city traffic at moderate speeds. These are the cheapest of the lot, come with a short-term warranty and are not so reliable over 100kph. Ideal for older cars that will be on road for the next 2-3 years. These tyres are not recommended for extended highway runs.

When buying tyres, you should also consider the fact that the same set of tyres in city traffic will clock more miles before wearing out completely as compared to on highways because tyres wear out faster due to high friction and heat at higher speeds.

If you wish to prolong your tyres’ life, drive into our Leichhardt car repair centre for wheel alignment every 4-6 months.

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