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Hi motorists
We regularly see many customers visiting us for last minute pink slip and blue slips ,completely stressed out. For the ones who are not familiar with terms such as Pink slip/Green slip and Blue slip, for hem it is a myriad and nothing less than a quagmire.We are making an effort to put those people at ease.
1. Pink slip :
This is a mandatory requirements for all cars in NSW which are over 5 years old. The pink slip can be done at any authorised mechanic such as Kismet Mechanical. There is a set price for it and varies yearly. For pink slip inspection, mechanics have to thoroughly check the car and ensure it is road worthy. Suspension, tyre. oil leaks, wipers, belts , lights all have to conform as per standards required. If the car complies with the standards, the inspector shall then issue pink slip.
2. Blue Slip: This is required for cars from interstate and want to be on NSW index of vehicles or if they have over lapsed registration of NSW by 3 months or more. It is similar to pink slip, but more in detail. Fee are higher than pink slips.
3. Greenslip: These are mandatory insurance which customers have to buy after having Pink or Blue slip, from any insurance company. This insurance doesn’t cover motorist for their cars or car accident. This insurance only covers any personal injury caused by accident. More information on this should be acquired at your own expense.
Kismet Mechanical does both pink and blue slips. Bookings are essential and car has to be left for inspector to examine. Generally 2-3 hours is sufficient. N.B- Bribing any staff or inspector in any which way is a crime and penalties are severe.

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