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It is highly recommended, that before buying a new car, one should have a through pre purchase inspection report done from a reputable mechanic.The benefits of a pre purchase inspection if done well , are enormous.The trained mechanics go through the bottom,center, engine cavity, mechanism,movable parts, of the car thoroughly and advise you of the safety issues. They also advise how much would it cost to repair , once you buy the car.The report also advises you on forthcoming expenses which would be due when you buy the car. The inspection report also helps people in offering the right price to the vendor after having a look at thee expenses of coming or existing maintenance. In a way the price paid for pre inspection is recouped by he flaws found in the car as documented on the report. You can negotiate the new price you are willing to pay the vendor,based upon the report.Kismet mechanics have assisted many customers on pre purchase inspection report. Booking is necessary for this

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