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A lot of motorists are very savvy with their cars these days and know a lot about their cars. There are still a few who are naive about car maintenance.The ones who are not familiar with car’s maintenance, should spend time reading this. This is just a small introduction to the importance of maintenance for summer month.

For hot days ahead , a few tips to remember
1. Ensure the car has enough coolant in the car.
2. Ensure all hoses are tight and well fitted . They should be supple.
3. Ensure no water marks are visible in areas of cooling system
4. Ensure cooling system is fully operational.
5. Ensure, the fans are working well,especially high speed fans
6. Ensure radiator is not showing any signs of water loss.
7. Ensure tyres are inflated to correct pressure and don’t have any signs of wear or any bubbles in them.
8. Ensure the condensor and radiators are clean for air to pass through to keep the car cool.
9. Get car checked at your nearest qualified mechanic for all above or call Kismet Mechanical for the check up.
Safe driving

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