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What does a puddle underneath your car indicate?

Whether your car is two years old or 20, it can develop a leak due to one reason or the other. And as your car runs low on fluids, the mechanical parts become more susceptible to damage.

If you notice a puddle underneath your car after it’s been sitting overnight, pop up the hood and check for any leakage. Depending upon the type of fluid that is dripping down on the driveway, should you be looking at certain components.

For instance, if it’s the engine oil, the reason could be worn-out rubber seals that are supposed to keep the oil contained. The bolt on the oil pan might have loosened over time, and gravity is doing what it does best.

However, if the puddle appears to be green or brown in colour and non-sticky in nature, you’re looking at a coolant leakage. Coolant leakages are more common as it travels through rubber hoses, back and forth between the engine and the radiator.

Driving a car which is low on fluids can further damage the engine and incur expensive repairs. Therefore, it is recommended to call in a mobile car mechanic to have it fixed there and then. While it won’t take more than a minute to locate the point of leakage, the repair may take up to an hour.

You can get in touch with our mechanic in Rozzele to discuss the issue and the feasibility of on-site repair. Only after proper diagnosis can we tell you if it can be fixed on-site or need to tow back to our workshop.

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