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This blog is addressed to safe and responsible driving. It is a known fact that roads are not owned by any individuals. They are to be shared and common respect is to be shown when using them. Of lately the figures have been very dismal in regards to the safety and causality. There are lives lost because of either over confidence or lack of experience. Using of mobile phones,texting while driving, carelessness, intoxication,drugs are a few major reasons behind the accidents and fatalities. We are urging our young motorists to take extra caution while driving. It known that the young drivers get carried away and end up in a real mess. Maintaining distance from car in front, having safe tyres and brakes, etc shall reduce accidents. Do not use mobile phones while driving and never text while driving. If car shows any signs on the dashboard, then have it checked by an authorised  repairer.

Always learn to drive defensive and show care on the road for other road users. Remember there is someone waiting for you at home.


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