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Simple tips to keep your old car alive

Whenever we think of leading a life full of comforts and accessibility, a car is one of the first things that click with us.

Whether you have been driving your first car for years now or you have been handed down a vintage model, caring for your old car is always trickier. If you are someone who is attached to their old model and would like to keep it up and running, here are a few ways in which you can achieve your goal. Read on.

  • Keep an eye on the fluids

Our car runs on several types of fluids, and so maintaining their recommended levels is essential.

From transmission fluids to brake fluids and coolants, top them up when needed and check for leakages as well.

  • Keep it clean

A highly underrated tip is keeping your old car clean.

Half the problems will be solved when your old car is kept tidy. Keep a cleanliness check on both the interior and exterior ends of the vehicle. Get rid of all the debris on the mats and even the car hood. Also, take your vehicle to a car wash every few months.

Bringing in a clean car for car servicing or repairs will be highly appreciated by your mechanic in Newton as well.

  • Change your oil 

Every few months would be a good option for a new car, but since yours is an old model, you must know that the old engine will burn oil and consume more of it.

While you are at it, do get your filters changed as well and note down the date and mileage to set a reminder for the next oil change.

  • Regular wheel inspection is crucial

If the wheels aren’t entirely supporting your vehicle, then keeping it running will be quite tricky.

That said, get your wheel bearings checked in every service to replace them whenever needed at the earliest. Also, get your steering wheel aligned to enjoy a smooth riding experience.

  • Park in the shade

Always try your best to step away from the sunlight and park your car in the shade.

Shade parking ensures minimum interior UV damage and also provides you with a cooler car to drive. Make sure that you always park your vehicle in your garage for security reasons as well. If not possible, then use a car cover and park your car under a tree.

  • Be a careful driver

Rash driving might pump your adrenaline but it’s highly lethal for your old car.

Drive responsibly and smoothly. Remember, an old car is not for high-speed pleasures but buttery riding experience. Also, smart driving will reduce the need for mobile car repair.

Bear these tips in mind to keep your vehicle alive for as long as possible. Good luck!

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