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Still driving your first car? Here’s how to keep it forever

The first car is always special. If you are lucky to have your first car till today and are using it for running errands, you might want to shower it with some extra care. As the car gets older, its mechanical parts start to wear out which should be replaced regularly to continue to enjoy your first-car experience like a new-car experience.
If your car is 5 years or older, here’s what you should do.

Consider getting it repainted

From scraping against the garage’s wall to bumping into another vehicle, your car goes through a lot. Those scars narrate the whole story. If you love your car and wish to keep it in pristine condition forever, getting a repaint every 5 years is highly recommended. When you go for the repaint, consider getting a paint-protection coating to make your new paintjob last longer.

Replace clutch plates

Clutch plates wear out significantly over 5 years or earlier. You can feel the difference when you press it. It’s harder and spongy and doesn’t engage properly. Depending on your car’s model and make, the cost of clutch replacement will vary. You can get in touch with our Glebe mechanic to get an exact price estimate.

It’s time to customise

As soon as your car’s warranty expires, it’s a go-ahead for you to get it customised to your taste. And there are endless possibilities in today’s car customisation market, which offer engine, body and exhaust customisation options across an extensive price range. Tastefully done customisation not only makes your car stand out from the rest, but it’s also a great way to break the monotony of driving the same car.

Don’t forget to get the pink slip inspection done

When your car completes the 5-year milestone, it has to be inspected by a certified inspector to make sure if it is roadworthy. The process is called pink slip inspection, and it is performed to ensure the car isn’t a safety hazard for the driver, passenger and other vehicles on the road. Also, this has been mandated by NSW law, which means driving an old car that is no longer roadworthy can get you in legal trouble.

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