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Tell-tale signs that your radiator needs fixing

In case you don’t know, a radiator is one of the most vital components without which your car can only go so far. It is crucial to have your radiator flushed every 2 years to maintain its cooling efficiency. Also, you must pressure clean the front of the radiator to remove dirt and debris trapped in the fins to allow better airflow for better cooling.
Just like any other part, the radiator goes bad too. And there are a couple of indicators to look out for.
The first telltale sign that your radiator may need fixing is ‘Engine Overheating’.
Engine overheating may happen due to many other reasons but the main culprit is the radiator. Engine overheating can be linked to low coolant level in the radiator, which means the radiator tank or one of the hoses has a leakage. Which leads us to the second telltale sign:

Coolant leakage

If you notice green/brown non-sticky fluid dripping down from the engine bay, your radiator has a leakage somewhere. There could be a small crack in the radiator tank or a loosely connected hose. Visit your local mechanic of Camperdown or wherever you are based, to look into the matter. If the leakage is so big that the radiator is losing coolant quickly, it’s unsafe to drive your car to the mechanic. Call a mobile mechanic instead.


If you notice rust on the inside of the radiator cap, chances are the radiator core is all caught up in the rust as well. The rust can eat through the metallic core to create small escape routes for the coolant. However, the core of the radiator can be replaced at a fraction of the cost of buying a new radiator. Mechanics offering radiator repairs in Sydney can give you a price estimate based on the model and make of your car.
Here are a few tips to keep your car’s coolant system from collapsing.

  • Replace the coolant every 2 years and top off if necessary
  • Change worn-out coolant hoses on time
  • Pressure clean the radiator’s front regularly
  • Prevent rusting inside the core by using a mixture of coolant and water instead of water alone.

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