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Transmission maintenance tips you need to know this year

Transmission repairs are getting expensive every year. If that doesn’t make you worry, add to it the hassles of changing gears or getting stuck in the first gear when you want to go reverse.
Regular transmission maintenance is crucial to a smooth driving experience. If you want your transmission to last without needing repair or rebuilds, here’s what you should do.

Transmission fluid

Check your transmission fluid regularly. In case the fluid level has dropped below the mark, there’s a leak that you should get diagnosed immediately. If the fluid has turned dark, it means there’s abnormal friction between internal parts that’s wearing out the oil. Have a transmission expert in Sydney look at the problem.

Cooling system

You might think what does the cooling system have to do with transmission? Besides keeping the engine’s temperature in check, the cooling system is also responsible for cooling down the transmission fluid. An inefficient cooling system not only poses a threat to the engine but the transmission system as well. So, make sure your cooling system is well maintained.

Change gears responsibly

Press the clutch pedal fully while changing gears. Half-clutch gear shifting can lead to premature wearing and expensive repairs that you don’t want now or ever. When going from forward to reverse, bring your car to a complete stop. When on a downward slope, make it a habit to press the brake pedal while engaging reverse gear.

Don’t rest your hand on the gear knob

If your car doesn’t have a driver’s armrest, rest your hand anywhere but on the gear knob. A transmission system is quite sensitive, especially the gears that are always in motion. Even slight pressure on the gear knob can lead to considerable strain on the moving gears, causing premature wear and tear.
If you are facing any issues with your transmission system, get it checked at our car repair facility in Five Dock.

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