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What is 4 wheel alignment and why is it important?

Your mechanic might have advised you to get the wheel alignment done for your car. You said, “I don’t think I need it” because your car seems to drive in a straight line with steering wheel perfectly centred. You may think that you will never need a wheel alignment service because you drive carefully through potholes and over speed bumps.
At some point, your vehicle will cease to drive in a straight line, and you will realise it’s about time to visit a wheel alignment centre. But it’d be too late by then. Premature tyre wear begins way before your vehicle starts pulling to either side. Under the best driving conditions, get the wheel alignment checked by a professional every six months. And every three months if you drive a bit rough.
4 wheel alignment is a process of aligning the camber, caster and toe angles of all four wheels. Unlike front-end alignment, 4 wheel alignment makes sure that rear wheels are also aligned properly to prevent premature tread wear.
Wheel alignment makes up more than 70% of your driving experience. When you are cruising on a highway, and there’s no gear shifting or braking required, all you have to do is maneuver the steering. Misaligned wheels will make your car pull to either side. And in order to go straight, you will be constantly required to use force to hold the steering in the centre.
The feeling is annoying, but it can be avoided with the wheel alignment. Our Annandale mechanic can give you a 4 wheel alignment price quote based on the model and make of your vehicle. You can also get an extended wheel alignment warranty, which means you don’t have to pay for any wheel alignment done during the warranty period.
Your car is safer when it handles better. Poorly aligned wheels do not send accurate feedback to the steering wheel, which becomes problematic for the driver especially when the steering recoils after taking a turn. Also, misaligned wheels make the car work harder to drive straight, which will tend to reduce fuel efficiency as well.
One piece of advice that you need today is: Don’t skimp on wheel alignment to save a few bucks. It can cost you a lot more in the form of premature tyre wear or a fender-bender.

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