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Your wheels can last longer than you think

Like any other moving part of the car, wheels tend to wear out over time and can bend if they hit a curb or pothole hard enough.

It is said that alloy wheels are lighter than steel rims, making the former more susceptible to damage. Alloy wheels are brittle and difficult to repair since there’s a risk of furthering the damage. Therefore, it is advised to choose a reliable specialist for car repair in Summer Hill or wherever you are based.

Wheels will inevitably wear out sooner or later. However, there’s a handful of things you can do to prolong their life so that you don’t have to break your savings over a new set of wheels.

1. Get wheel alignment done on time

Wheel alignment is often overlooked when it comes to car maintenance. People continue to drive with poor alignment, which not only leads to premature tread wear but also affects the orientation of the rim. This is why wheel alignment is important every 6 months. In case you have ended up bending one of the wheels, no matter to what extent, you can get affordable wheel repair in Sydney and have everything back to normal.

2. Wheel balancing

Wheel balancing is another aspect of wheel maintenance which is done to make sure the wheel doesn’t bounce as it travels down the road. This occurs because the slightly bent rim is no longer a perfect circle. To offset its distorted shape, experts will stick weights onto the rim. The procedure involves a computerised wheel balancing machine that ensures high accuracy and calculates the exact weight to be added.

3. Drive patiently

It’s a no-brainer that driving patiently will minimise the likelihood of ending up in an accident or hitting the curb while maneuvering out of the parking lot. The safer you drive, the farther your wheels go in time and distance.

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